Dr Tom Bergler

Dr. Tom Bergler completed his Ph.D. in American Religious History from the University of Notre Dame and his M.A. in Theology and Church History from Wheaton College.  He served as a staff worker for University Christian Outreach for 7 years, helping to evangelize and disciple students at the University of Michigan, the University of London, and Michigan State University.  He co-founded the Spring Academy, a Christian theology and ministry camp for students from state universities.  He is the author of “Enduring Myths of Youth Ministry” Youthworker Journal (Sept./Oct. 2004),  “‘I Found My Thrill’: The Youth for Christ Movement and American Congregational Singing, 1940-1970" in Richard Mouw and Mark Noll, eds. Wonderful Words of Life: Hymns in American Protestant History and Theology (Grand Rapids: Eerdman’s, 2004): 123-149, and “The Place of History in Youth Ministry Education” Journal of Youth Ministry 1:1 (Fall 2002): 57-71. He recently published The Juvenilization of American Christianity (Grand Rapids: Eerdman's, 2012). He currently serves as associate editor of The Journal of Youth Ministry.  He teaches Foundations of Christian Ministry, Discipling Ministries, Contemporary American Youth Culture, and Understanding the Christian Faith.  He also teaches Sociology of Adolescence for the Graduate School of Christian Ministries.


Dr. Daniel A. Keating

Dr. Dan Keating is a Professor of Theology at Sacred Heart Major Seminary and a Regional Elder in the Servants of the Word--the celibate missionary order of the Sword of the Spirit.  Dr. Keating has written many books and articles and is an accomplished public speaker.  He is quite experienced in collegiate missionary work and is a frequent speaker at the Campus Outreach Academy.
Summer Academy will equip young people with the vision, skills, and strategies to become effective missionaries among college students. It has a two-fold aim of giving students formation for their minds and training for leadership.